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Addicted to M.R.R.

Travis Ketchum

A dive into subscription-based businesses who live and breathe M.R.R. (monthly recurring revenue) to talk about what fuels growth, reduces churn and improves lifetime value. We also touch on the mental health side of running a business with high-performance demands including stress, overwhelm, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I ask each guest what they've experienced and what they do to deal with these issues along the way. Brought to you by
S02E10 Turning a Betfair Membership into 50k MRR with Ryan CarruthersMay 11, 2021 Episode artwork S02E09 Sales Training: From Cold Calling to Closing The Sale with John "Sales Samurai" MolyneuxMay 04, 2021 Episode artwork S02E08 - "Building an Agency Subscription with 100% Customer Satisfaction" with J.C. GrangerApril 27, 2021 Episode artwork S02E07 - "From Drug Abuse & Prison To Successful Founder & Investor" with Dan MartellApril 20, 2021 Episode artwork S02E06 - "How a Magician and a Mind Reader turned into SaaS founders" with Rob & KennedyApril 13, 2021 Episode artwork S02E05 - "From 'Tiny Little Product' Burnout, To Successful SaaS" with Walt Bayliss of AgencyBudApril 06, 2021 Episode artwork S02E04 - "Adding MRR to an Agency while growing a family" with Annelise WornMarch 30, 2021 Episode artwork S02E03 - "The boom, bust and rebirth of 'OG' WordPress memberships" with Tracy Childers of WishList MemberMarch 23, 2021 Episode artwork S02E02 - "Building an 8-figure business with NO marketing" with Wil Schroter of Startups.comMarch 16, 2021 Episode artwork S02E01 - "How a podcast turned into a 7-figure business" with Andrew Warner of MixergyMarch 09, 2021 Episode artwork S01E10 - "Turning a podcast into a paid newsletter that's easy to run" with Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier of Hustle & FlowchartApril 21, 2020 Episode artwork S01E09 - "Pivoting from lifetime price to $97k M.R.R." with Casey Zeman of EasyWebinarApril 14, 2020 Episode artwork S01E08 - "How the 'Whole Sandwich' generates $2m M.R.R." with Jon Cronstedt of KajabiApril 07, 2020 Episode artwork S01E07 - "Building and scaling PayKickstart to $1m ARR" with Mark ThompsonMarch 31, 2020 Episode artwork S01E06 - "From Failing Box Service To Profitable Side Hustle" with Damien Rufus of WakeUpBrew.comMarch 24, 2020 Episode artwork S01E05 - "How To Build An Affiliate Army & Win In a Saturated Market" with Andy Fletcher of ConvertriMarch 17, 2020 Episode artwork S01E04 - "Bootstrapping to 30k MRR via Penny Stock IPO" with Patrick Stiles of VidalyticsMarch 10, 2020 Episode artwork S01E03 - "How To Reposition Your SaaS In a Crowded Marketplace" with Aaron Krall of SaaS Growth HacksMarch 03, 2020 Episode artwork S01E02 - "Building a Lifestyle Business With YouTube & Craigslist" with Jesse Rodriguez of CreditCEO.comFebruary 25, 2020 Episode artwork S01E01 - "Using Launches, Podcasts & Freemium To Drive Growth" with Trent Dyrsmid of Flowster.appFebruary 20, 2020 Episode artwork